Has Skype been HACKED? Microsoft’s messaging service crashes worldwide following claims that it has been attacked by cyber criminals

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Having trouble using Skype? You’re definitely not alone.

  • Skype crashed for users worldwide with problems being experienced today
  • People in Europe are worst affected, but Microsoft has called it a ‘global incident’
  • Users are losing connectivity to the app, and can’t send and receive messages
  • CyberTeam says it is behind the attack, but Microsoft has not confirmed this yet 

Skype has crashed for millions of people around the world, following recent updates by Microsoft.

The problems began yesterday, but have continued through to today, with users in Europe appearing to be the worst affected.

A group of cyber criminals has claimed that they are behind the attack, but this is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Microsoft, who owns Skype, has confirmed the issue on Twitter, referring to the outage as a ‘global incident.’

Skype Support tweeted: ‘There is an ongoing incident affecting the ability to connect to the application. We are investigating, stay tuned!’

The firm has said that the incident is causing users to either lose connectivity to the app, or lose their ability to send and receive messages.

And according to a blog posted by Microsoft, some users are having problems with group calling, while others are experiencing delays adding users to their friend list.

While Skype Support has since tweeted that the problem has been resolved, this does not appear to be the case.

A map on Down Detector suggests that users in Europe are still affected, with thousands of reports of issues over the last few hours.

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